Retreat Schedule

Friday, April 1st
2pm, Meet & Greet, Conference Registration
3pm, Persona Presentations by conference participants
• Fatima bint Abdulla, 1528, Portrayed by Rhiannon Doherty
• Dorothy Cox, 1620. Portrayed by Norah Messier
• Christopher Jones, 1620. Portrayed by Christopher Messier
• Abigail Adams, 1778. Portrayed by Patricia Bridgman
• Mary Pickersgill, 1814. Portrayed by Dr. Pamela L. Poulin
• Miss L.E. Ackerman, 1876. Portrayed by Rebecca Bayreuther Donohue
• Sheva Shapiro, 1919. Portrayed by Barbara Ann Paster
5pm, Pizza and Book Group: discussion of publications on first person interpretation
Bring your favorite (or least favorite) book on doing what we do, or come prepared to browse through a few books you might not have heard about. We will have a general discussion on the shape of Living History publications, and a more in-depth discussion on Stacy Roth’s Past into Present: Effective Techniques for First-Person Historical Interpretation.

Saturday, April 2nd
8am, Registration (continues all day)
9am, Concurrent Sessions
• Using First Person Interpretation Techniques in the Classroom
• Say What? Dealing with Uncomfortable Questions from Visitors
10am Morning Break, snacks provided.
10:15 Concurrent Sessions
• Kids through History: Gaining Perspective through Youth Interpreters
• Interpreting Through Transitions: Handling Revising Interpretation
11:30 am, Keynote: Further Up, Further In: Visitor Inclusion and Elevation in Cementing Legacy Loyalty. Presented by Ann-Elizabeth “A-E” Shapera, author of Easy Street: A Guide For Players In Improvised Interactive Environmental Performance

12:30pm, Lunch (included in registration)
2pm Concurrent Sessions
• Yes You Can! The nuts and bolts of creating a first person interpretive program
• Building the Bridge: How – and Why – to Connect History to Visitors’ Presents
• Down and Dirty, Interpreting the Dark Side of History
3:30pm afternoon break, snacks provided.
3:45pm Concurrent Sessions
• Third Thing’s First: Merging First and Third Person Interpretation at Historic Sites
• The Seven Deadly Sins in Role playing
• Unconventional: Interpreting the Forgotten, the Unusual, and in Unexpected Ways

6:30pm, First-Person Dinner for all attendees (price included in registration.)
Location, TBA
Come in costume, ready to meet folks from all over time, and to enjoy some of Portsmouth’s historic architecture and fine food.

Sunday, April 3rd
10am, Concurrent Sessions
• No Mere Actors: First Person Interpretation as a Visitor Resource
• I Feel Your Pain: Using Emotion and Empathy to Enhance your Interpretation
11am, Break, snacks provided.
11:30am, Concurrent Sessions
• Emerging from the Past, Picturesque & Approachable!
• Why Does Ma Hate the Indians?: Troubleshooting Loaded Questions
12:30pm Speaker Round Table and FPIPN meeting
Here is your chance to ask questions and solicit opinions from all the session presenters from this year’s retreat. Tell us what you learned, and what was missing. How can we keep in touch in between retreats, and what would you like to see at the next retreat?


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